The 588 Initiative is a Proud 2 Pay campaign, in which Varsity P has the goal of selling 588 “Red Top” USB Crack Vials for the price of $100 each. These vials contain Varsity P’s debut album “House Down From The Liquor Store”, his new single and music video for PRODUCT and other exclusive content associated with this album campaign. Purchases will also come with a T-shirt and ticket to a private concert Varsity P is holding for all die hard fans who are Proud 2 Pay!

The significance of the number 588 is it being the address of 588 Wilson avenue, Varsity P’s childhood home in Bushwick, Brooklyn and the POV his album speaks from.

Inspired by Nipsey Hussle The Great!

Funds will be used to enhance the awareness and impact of Varsity P’s debut album as well as assist in the establishment of, a community based program that will focus on music, sports and health with the commitment of impacting 588 lives on a yearly bases.