Hailing from New York City, spending much of his upbringing in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, comes a Hip-Hop artist whose work ethic, artistic vision and lyrical style are as key to his brand as his involvement in community change. Utilizing his story to encourage the next generation of leaders.

Varsity P aka Presice and the power behind TalentOverHype began his career selling CDs on the discerning streets of NYC but became a local sensation in 2014, with the release of his “Louder” music video co- starring Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson. Since then P has been featured in Hip Hop Weekly magazine, interviewed on Shady 45 radio station, has 2 guest appearances on Hot 97 and has been posted on multiple online publications including Vibe, XXL and Revolt TV. In 2016 P was the show opener for Future at Uproxx House (SXSW) and last year (2017) received a song placement in the James Franco & Nick Jonas movie, “Goat”. To date, P has released dozens of stellar music videos, six mixtapes, two original projects and is currently gearing up to release his much anticipated debut album, “House Down From The Liquor Store” or HDLS due early 2019. After taking a two year hiatus to work on this more in-depth body of work, Varsity P believes this redirection musically will prove as the final component needed in taking his brand to mainstream levels.

HDLS focuses on P’s childhood story and the misfortunes that are commonly associated with poverty. In NYC hip hop specifically, a large majority of the time, the conversation around poverty is spoken from the perspective of the street hustler. Varsity P believes his viewpoint will separate him from his musical peers because it offers a unique perspective. An album that goes on a journey through the opposite side of a street hustler’s glory. A telling tale and point-of-view of a child’s life in the heart of hardships, the pains that arise with losing loved ones to these circumstances and how fighting to keep hold of a dream can be the light needed in navigating far way enough to escape both the

physical and mental trappings of these harsh realities. Varsity P will begin this conversation with his upcoming lead single “D.D.D” and the accompanying visual short. Placing things in the core of the story, “D.D.D” recounts the impressionable mind of a poor boy during the rise of a local street hustlers glory but goes further in shedding light on the boys internal pain when dealing with family members caught in the hustler’s cross fire while trying to hold onto a dream. Leaving the story open-ended, P has much more within these emotional complexities to share that will continue to double down on the tribulations and hopefulness with each release. Having this level of transparency, Varsity P is confident that he’ll make a connection with his desired core audience. Inner city youth/ urban athletes facing these same or similar adverse challenges, but can find hope, inspiration and a blueprint for creating an escape through his words. A community event series titled, “My Playground, My Escape” has been launched by P, to further promote this message. With things already in motion after two successful events, and a few live performances Varisty P’s schedule is packed with tons of imitate listening session geared to rally the charge leading up to his officially 2019 debut release.